Thursday, November 5, 2009

"...distribution of earnings is a fundamental factor for growth..."

H.E. Mr. President Lula - Brazil
London, England, November 5th, 2009

“We have shown that the distribution of earnings is a fundamental factor for growth.

With the program of Cash Transfer we have transferred income for more than 40 million Brazilians. 

We have furthered social policies for the protection of the destitute of the society.

We have increased the minimum wage always above inflation. 

We have increased the resources for the family agriculture seven times. 

We have increased exceptionally the popular credit. 

These movements, and also others, have helped a deep social change.

More than 20 million Brazilian have left social exclusion to join the so called Brazilian ‘new middle class’. 


"We did not want, and we still do not want, a State that abusively intervenes at the production system, or seeks to destroy it. 

However, we need a State that encourages and regulates the development of countries, a democratic State, with strong control and social participation mechanisms. 

A State capable of showing the real national interests. To this State falls the responsibility to define, in permanent harmony with the society, the guidelines for the national development.”